So maybe you've been thinking about dance for a while and now you're ready for that next step. Perhaps you're now asking, where can I learn to dance? That's great! Cities and towns across America are full of excellent opportunities to take lessons and be a part of a community.

Check out these Places in Your City to learn to Dance


Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs are popular places to learn dance. Group lessons are free or for a small cover charge. The instructors are reasonably well-skilled in bar dances. Lessons are taught early—usually when the club opens. Participants stay around for several hours to dance and drink. If you like the vibe of a dance hall, this may be your place to learn.


Several types of studios offer group classes.

  • Open studio: Any group and instructor to rent space and conduct classes. Classes are $10-$20.
  • Hybrid studio: Offers public classes taught by staff instructors. These studios frequently host social dances for the general public. Classes are $10-$20, or you can buy a set of classes.
  • Franchise studios: Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, Dance Vision, or other brands offer members-only classes taught by staff instructors. They may offer introductory packages, but there is always a pitch for membership.

Studios are more formal than the bar scene and appeal to more serious students, without alcohol and with better lighting than a bar.

Community Centers

Finally, check out community centers, Elk or Moose lodges, or other venues with dance floors. Groups or instructors rent these facilities and, in turn, host classes and social dances. These venues offer opportunities to learn and practice socially.


Bars and nightclubs, studios, and community centers are all great places to learn to dance. It comes down to your preference for the learning environment and companions.

Group classes are the most economical way to learn dance, and many cities and towns have several options to participate. Don’t miss these excellent opportunities!


Hope to see you on the dance floor,