Just because you go to a social dance doesn't guarantee that you'll actually get to dance. One sure factor in whether someone will ask you to dance or say "yes" to your invitation is what you wear dancing. Sure, it helps if you can dance with some level of skill, but if you dress like a slob, your chances drop quickly, so, dress to impress!


Not tennis shoes or flip flops--dance shoes. Not street shoes or even church shoes--authentic, for-real dance shoes. Shoes or boots with leather or suede soles are better for dancing and your feet, and make dancing more enjoyable for you and your partner. You move and turn more smoothly when you dance in appropriate shoes. When other dancers walk into the room with a shoe bag--they're not weirdos--they're carrying dance shoes, and they take dancing seriously. In fact, most studios and some clubs and dance halls insist that you wear dance shoes.

Set yourself up for success and start with the right shoes. Visit online vendors or dance shoe stores in your city. In the Dallas area check out Karizmah Dance Shoes.


Unless the invitation or announcement suggests a certain attire, think clean, cool, and comfortable. That doesn't include sloppy. You really want to dance, don't you?

You can wear almost anything but start with clean. That's probably not what you wore to the gym or to work. No holes, no stains, and no odors. Prospective dance partners scope you out from a distance, so dress to impress.

Women choosing what to wear dancing from clothes in her living room

Then, think cool. You want to look cool, but just as important, you want to feel cool, meaning, not sweaty. You will sweat. But you also want to cool down between dances so your next partner doesn't grab a handful of sweaty shirt. If you perspire profusely, maybe you should sit out between dances. If your talent on the floor is in high demand, it probably won't matter what you wear but still, wear something cool and comfortable.

Finally, it's important to wear clothing that lets you move. Clothing that is too tight is restrictive and uncomfortable. Clothing that is too loose is bothersome and makes for some awkward moments. For me, ladies' sleeveless tops with large arm openings seem to always trap my right hand on the way to the ladies' left shoulder blade. Avoid pants, skirts, or dresses that are too long--a common cause of slips and trips.

So, dress to impress but, above all, dress for the dance. That's why you're there! And, for more on dance attire visit, Mind Your Dance Manners. 


Hope to see you on the dance floor,