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I'm always listening to a variety of music with an ear for danceable tunes. This includes new dance music, covers, and collaborations. Still, I enjoy music that is undanceable, but just as often pass over the drivel that sounds like ten other songs on the week's top 40. So, these lists are the product of my personal search for more current music, suitable for various dance styles, with an effort to clearly distinguish between the styles so the music doesn't get lost in the movement. NOTE: clicking the link will open preview in Spotify

Newer Two Step music in its original format. I listen for the typical "boom-tick" rhythm, and sometimes a "boom-tick-tick". Some tempos are suitable for beginners. Stay tuned for competition cuts . . .

In My Book* Shenandoah 164 7/2023
Breakfast in Birmingham Tanya Tucker 165 6/2023
Creek Will Rise Conner Smith 170 2/2023
Holding Fast Matt Hilyer 188 1/2023
My People James Johnston 167 9/2022
Mamas Anne Wilson & Hillary Scott 160 4/2022
Halfway to Crazy* Chris Jansen 171 4/2022
Get Away with It Teddy Robb 176 2/2022
Over Me Roman Alexander 156 2/2022
Let's Build a Fire* Cody Johnson 189 10/2021
Son of a Ramblin' Man Cody Johnson 180 9/2021

As beautiful a dance that Triple Two Step is, it is challenging to dance because the triple steps should have no emphasis. Similarly, songs of this dance style are smooth with little emphasis and some without big phrase endings. Some songs are not phrased. Stay tuned for competition cuts . . .

Standing Room Only Tim McGraw 78 2/2023
Easier Said with Rum Old Dominion 79 1/2023
The One Music Travel Love 86 11/2022
Guys Like Me Roman Alexander 80 10/2022
Worst Guy Ever Callista Clark 77 10/2022
Tell You Enough Jessie James Decker 93 10/2021
Then You Do Brett Eldridge 78 6/2020

For all the fun that Foxtrot is, there's not a lot of new music of that style recently released. So, here's a few of my favorites--not DJ remixes or ballroom orchestra mash-ups. These are original releases or covers.

Walking Baby Back Home James Taylor 99 5/1997
Another Swing and a Miss Andrea Zonn 104 9/2015
I Wonder Rosanne Cash 113 6/2011
Right on the Money Alan Jackson 114 11/2010
Walking on Sunshine Jazzystics 112 6/2006
Taking a Chance on Love  Renee Olstead 111 5/2004
You've Got a Friend in Me Randy Newman 116 11/1995
Some Kind of Trouble  Tanya Tucker 119 12/1990
It Ain't Nothin' Keith Whitley 120 10/1989
Material Girl Cassandra Beck 120 6/2014

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