How to Prepare Your Body, Mind, and Spirit for Social Dancing After a Pandemic


Dancing in tribes, villages, families, and communities has survived centuries of natural disaster, war, and disease. Dancing is a natural expression of joy and friendship. As apprehension over the COVID-19 pandemic subsided earlier this year, social dancers returned to studios, ballrooms, and dance halls to pick up where they left off.

This post is not about politics or policies, but about how to enjoy dancing again. For sure, wash your hands—you should do that anyway, don’t go out if you’re not feeling well—you shouldn’t do that, and wear a mask or get a vaccination if it makes you feel safe.


Follow the tips below to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for social dancing after a pandemic.


1. Prepare Your Body

First, your body—find those studios or other venues that offer group lessons. Take even the most rudimentary classes you can find. It will be a good refresher for you and help someone who may be learning for the first time. Then, consider private lessons. While group lessons are the most economical way to learn dance, private lessons are the quickest way to improve. Either way, get moving to the music again!

2. Prepare Your Mind

Your mind is equally challenged when you are mentally and physically moving in unfamiliar motions to the beat of a song. Other forms of exercise require less intellectual effort, but dance—and particularly partner dance—strains your brain cells and challenges your body. To prepare for those lessons and moments on the dance floor, practice in your own space. Watch dance videos or simply listen to music while imagining yourself dancing. This should put you in a dancing state of mind!

3. Prepare Your Spirit

And, then, there’s the happiness of dancing in the company of friends. The joy of moving to music in the company of friends seems to come out on its own, but the pressure of life and current events can sometimes follow you to the dance floor. Leave that stress at home and be determined to walk on the dance floor with a smile. A cheerful spirit is good medicine for you and others! Add that to your dancing, and you’re sure to have a great time. If you're ready to get back on the floor, check out Where Can I Learn to Dance?

Social dancing can be enjoyable again, even after a pandemic! Prepare your body through lessons, your mind through practice, and your spirit through a positive attitude.


Hope to see you on the dance floor,