Dance has common rules of etiquette, like many social activities. How leaders handle manners is the difference between receiving a "yes" or "no" to a dance invite. For followers, it is the difference between being asked to dance, or sitting out. Ultimately, it is the difference between fun and frustration. Consider the following pertaining to dance etiquette on the dance floor.

Dress to Impress

Don't confuse the dance floor with the gym, swimming pool, or hunting lease. A good night out dancing includes getting the dance in the first place. If your attire is sloppy or provocative, you'll get lots of looks but few dances.

Dance Etiquette Hygiene and Habits

So, you’re decked out and dolled up but, dang it, you had Italian for dinner! That’s what gum, breath mints, and a toothbrush are all about. Bad breath is a leading cause of bad partner dancing—it increases the distance between you and your partner!

Other reasons your partners prefer dancing in an open position, or not at all, is body odor or bad cologne. If you work outdoors, work up a sweat, or work out, you'll be sure to need a shower before you hit the dance floor. You may not always wear cologne or perfume, but if you do, every dancer in the place doesn’t want to smell it. Use sparingly.

Social Distancing of the Dance Floor

This has nothing to do with pandemic protocols. This is about crowded dance floors. Social dancing can be a lot like bumper cars. Keep your distance, and don’t dance into a crowd. And, don’t feel like you have to dance to every song. Your non-stop dancing may be one reason the floor stays crowded.

These dance etiquette topics are a starting point if you want to dance more dances! Good manners combined with good dance skills will fill up your dance card! For tips on how to ask for those dances visit, How to Ask for a Dance.

Hope to see you on the dance floor!