Group Dance Classes are the Most Economical Way to Learn How to Dance

Learning how to dance in group dance classes is not only the most economical way to learn but also a great way to meet new people! Most dancers begin the hobby because they are invited to a class, go on a date, or show up to lessons at a bar or club. Dancing may be one part of your social life, or it may be your social life. In either case, group classes are a great place to be. Most cities have options when it comes to where to take classes. Nightclubs are a Great Place to Start!

If nightclubs are your thing and you find one that offers dance classes, you’ll see new faces and likely see them every week. The classes may rotate from one dance style to another, but the content and level of instruction are limited because many in the crowd are new to dancing. The classes may be free or there may be a modest cover charge. If you’re out to learn a few dances and meet people, bars and clubs satisfy that interest. 

Studios Offer More Group Dance Class Options

Local dance studios offer group classes throughout the week but take note—dance studios are not created equal! There is opportunity to learn more dances with better technique, and still meet new faces. Studio classes cost more, and those costs can be significant! To ensure the best experience, look for these qualities in a studio:

  • Advertised prices—choose a studio that advertises its rates for all programs and packages, not just the introductory special.
  • Experience—look for the names of instructors on the studio’s website or social media pages. How long have they been teaching? What dances do they teach?
  • Proficiency—do the studio owners and instructors have competitive dance experience. Are they just one step ahead of the class they’re teaching?
  • Space—the dance floor should be large enough to effectively move through the progressive dances—Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, etc. Look for a studio dance floor that measures at least 30’ x 50’ and without columns in the middle of the floor.
  • Compliments and Complaints—check out the studio on Yelp, Google, or the BBB. How are the reviews? How do they respond to complaints?

Group Dance Classes in a studio

Dance is meant to be enjoyable. Choosing the right learning environment for your group dance classes makes all the difference. Choose the wrong learning environment, and you—or your partner—may never go back. Choose wisely! For more on this topic visit, Where Can I Learn to Dance? 

Hope to see you on the dance floor!